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Upgrades Æmber Bonus
Card image for Flame-Wreathed
  • Card Text This creature gets +2 power and gains hazardous 2. (Before this creature is attacked, deal 2 to the attacking enemy.)
  • Type Upgrade
  • House Dis
  • Æmber 1
  • Power 0
  • Armor 0
  • Rarity Uncommon Uncommon
  • Artist Brolkin
  • Number 106
  • Set Call of the Archons
  • In Decks 64509 (4.98%)
  • ADHD A: 1.0 / B: 0.666666 / C: 0.0 / E: 0.0

Questions & Answers

Yes. Hazardous damage can be used to harm attacking creatures with the Skirmish keyword. The Skirmish keyword only protects an attacker from damage during a fight (i.e. when damage from creature power is exchanged), and doesn’t prevent damage from other sources, such as other keywords or card abilities. If Hazardous damage – which takes place before a fight – destroys a Skirmish creature, the fight does not occur.

  • FAQ updated on: December 05 2018

If a creature with the Hazardous (X) keyword gains another instance of the Hazardous (X) keyword, the two X values are added together.

  • FAQ updated on: December 05 2018

Yes. Unless otherwise stated in the card’s text, an upgrade can be played on any creature.

  • FAQ updated on: December 05 2018

No. If an upgrade cannot attach to a creature in play, the upgrade cannot be played.

  • FAQ updated on: December 05 2018
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