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Phase Shift

Actions Ambassadors
Card image for Phase Shift
  • Card Text Play: You may play one non-Logos card this turn.
  • Type Action
  • House Logos
  • Æmber 0
  • Power 0
  • Armor 0
  • Rarity Common Common
  • Artist Konstantin Turovec
  • Number 117
  • Set Call of the Archons
  • In Decks 151693 (11.72%)
  • ADHD A: 0.0 / B: 0.0 / C: 0.0 / E: 1.0

Questions & Answers

Yes. You can play one non-Logos card this turn for each Phase Shift played.

Yes. The Golden Rule states “if the text of a card directly contradicts the text of the rules, the text of the card takes precedence.” Therefore, playing Phase Shift will allow you to play another card from your hand this turn, since the First Turn Rule can be modified by card effects.

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