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Reapers Creatures Healers
Card image for Protectrix
  • Card Text Reap: You may fully heal a creature. If you do, that creature cannot be dealt damage for the remainder of the turn.
  • Type Creature
  • House Sanctum
  • Traits Knight • Spirit
  • Æmber 0
  • Power 5
  • Armor 0
  • Rarity Common Common
  • Artist Asap Aliyamo
  • Number 254
  • Set Call of the Archons
  • In Decks 151394 (11.69%)
  • ADHD A: 0.333333 / B: 1.333333 / C: 0.0 / E: 0.0

Questions & Answers

No. If a creature has no damage, you have not fully healed it (because no damage was removed), so the “if you do” clause is not satisfied and the creature is not protected against damage for the remainder of the turn.

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