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Chota Hazri

Battlecriers Key Manipulators Creatures
Card image for Chota Hazri
  • Card Text Play: Lose 1. If you do, you may forge a key at current cost.
  • Type Creature
  • House Untamed
  • Traits Human • Witch
  • Æmber 0
  • Power 3
  • Armor 0
  • Rarity Uncommon Uncommon
  • Artist Rodrigo Camilo
  • Flavor text “Plenty of machines in the wild. Some of ‘em’s even alive.”
  • Number 349
  • Set Call of the Archons
  • In Decks 61599 (4.75%)
  • ADHD A: 0.0 / B: 0.0 / C: 0.0 / E: 1.0

Questions & Answers

First, you lose 1 Æmber. Then, you can forge a key at current cost - usually 6, but other cards can modify this cost. This allows you to forge a key immediately instead of waiting for the beginning of your next turn.

  • FAQ updated on: December 03 2018

Yes. You must resolve as much of the “Play:” effect as possible. If you have any Æmber, you lose 1.

  • FAQ updated on: December 03 2018

Yes. “Play:” abilities trigger only after a card enters play. When you play a creature (such as Chota Hazri) with Hunting Witch in play, you first gain 1 Æmber, bringing your Æmber total to 7. Then, Chota Hazri’s “Play:” ability triggers, causing you to lose 1 Æmber and allowing you to forge a key if the current cost is 6.

  • FAQ updated on: January 23 2019
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