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Neuro Syphon

Æmber Thieves Draw Manipulators Actions Æmber Bonus
Card image for Neuro Syphon
  • Card Text Play: If your opponent has more than you, steal 1 and draw a card.
  • Type Action
  • House Logos
  • Æmber 1
  • Power 0
  • Armor 0
  • Rarity Uncommon Uncommon
  • Artist Limetown Studios
  • Number 116
  • Set Call of the Archons
  • In Decks 59757 (7.07%)
  • ADHD A: 1.333333 / B: 0.0 / C: 0.333333 / E: 0.0

Questions & Answers

Before. Gaining an Æmber bonus is always the first thing that happens when playing a card, so it happens before resolving the “Play:” ability. This means that if you have 1 less Æmber than your opponent before playing Neuro Syphon, you will now have equal Æmber when the “Play:” ability triggers, thus the rest of the effect wouldn’t resolve (i.e. you don’t steal Æmber or draw a card).

  • FAQ updated on: December 07 2018
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